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KEY PHILOSOPHY OF LucSculpture School & Studios (Ls3) Creative mind Ls3 is focused on personal creativity. You create free from assignments. No judgment will be made at Ls3, but only the positive feed backs. No techniques will be imposed on you; because whatever you do will go along as a complement to your artwork. All of the teachers at LS3 are experienced artists and we guide you through your own creative journey. We encourage you a "let go" attitude to free yourself from your own ghosts, deep hidden emotions, or if you are already free from  those, then simply express your love and compassion to others. It is like a detoxification process that will make you lighter and restore your self-confident and own persona. Creation is therapeutic! As Luc Bihan the creator and guide of Ls3 would say: “Do not plan, do not think, do not judge, just feel, create and express. The miracle is yours." Ecologically Friendly Art supplies: LS3 does not use or use very little of ‘man made’ materials like acrylic paint or any fossil products from the oil industry, markers, pens, plaster, or cement, and simply trying to avoid plastics in the house. Instead, we use natural materials as an example: Paper mâché is made out of just paper, flour and warm water (no glue). Our industry supplies has manufactured all sorts of toxic materials, non biodegradable or big polluting products.  LS3 will take you back to 100 years ago just before our ‘industrial glory’. Clay, wood, stone, bees wax, natural oils, resins, oil paints, water color, gouache, pencils, conte, charcoal, inks, recycled materials, and much more are all ecologically friendly. The school and our surroundings: It also applies to the school and studios where we create. We removed synthetic carpets, glue, linoleum, stripped coats of paint from wood, saved energy, and recycled. It takes time, elbow grease, some researches, a bit of money and a lot of creativity. The task is huge and challenging so your help and contribution to create this place is always welcome. Mother Nature and its energy: Today nature is everywhere except in our daily lives. We walk on cement pavement. We wear plastic shoes and synthetic clothes. We eat our processed foods with a plastic fork from a Styrofoam container. Our house is covered by product originate from dead fossil (petroleum) or our condominium is a “man made” box of cement reinforced by metal, covered by plaster wall and an acrylic paint, with a jungle of electrical wires and cables. Did you ever question why people in the country live longer than the people in the city? Regardless of how rich your food is, how many vitamins you’ll take or all of the heath care you can get, city people will never outlast the people living close to Mother Nature. Visualize how pleasing it is when you walk bare foot on the sand, swim in the ocean and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. Can you remember the last walk you took bare foot in the forest or on the grass in a park? Have you ever touched a dead body? It is cold and no radiant energy! Now compare the energy of a raw clay sculpture, a piece of wood, or even a stone to a sculpture made of cement, plastics, or even a bronze. How does it feel? Where is your attraction going to? Do you see people hugging a 500 years old tree as because they feel a bit depressed or low key? We humans are a part of nature and cannot disconnect from it; oherwise we will become extinct. This is why clay is the key to Ls3 teachings. Clay is the result of the degradation of mountains! It took billions of years to have that plasticity and amazing sculptural propriety. I have seen students walking in to out studio, tired and depressed staying for hours, forgetting both time and daily life concerns and leaving happy and at peace with themselves. That is pure energy from clay which regenerate you through your finger tips as you touch clay and create freely. Welcome to LucSculpture Peace Luc Click here to read this in French