Top level only

Donation, Swap or Volunteer

Some gracious donations

For our commercial and community kitchen: Big fridge or commercial fridge,  freezer, racks on wheels, plain wooden shelves, a double sink,

For LucSculpture & Yuri's Village: art books, art supplies, clay and ceramic supplies, plain wood for shelves, non-wireless phones,  music instruments, big clay post and plants,  yoga mats, baby clothes, natural yarns ...

We can swap with you...

Clay sculpture membership, Clay sculpture classes, clay birthday party, kids camps, art show, special events, an electric stove, clay kids and adult bicycles, baby clothes, and lots more...

Looking for practitioners @ Yuri's Village

Starting in January 2013

LucSculpture is looking for talent and helpers

Co-op student or University Graduates interested in running an art school: those looking for work experience in marketing, advertising, coordinating an Art gallery as well as being willing and interested in LucSculpture’s philosophy

An registered electrician

Thanks for your support!

"Creativity is the open door to self-discovery"



LucSculpture does not buy advertising. Word of mouth is what LucSculpture is about, so let your friends know and support us