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3D Membership

13-09 pottery studio al (1)LucSculpture Clay Membership brings a Wish-Come-True!

Free Access to:
  • Clay sculpture  and pottery studio 7 day a week
  • The use of the pottery wheels
  • LucSculpture events
  • LucSculpture library
 Clay Membership Cost $120 for a month, $300 for 3 month, $550 from  6 month or $900 for the year + 13% taxes

  • 25% off glazing and 50% off wax patina
  • 25% off any classes and Workshop at LucSculpture
  • 50% off any classes taught by Luc Bihan
-------------- We are excited to announce you we are getting more benefits with your LucSculpture Membership Card* Here are the benefits that you will enjoy: - 20% off for initial naturopathic, acupuncture, Indian Head Massage service at Yuri's Village - 20% off for 2nd visit of psychotherapy with Mée at Yuri's Village - 10% off at DeSerres (art supply store) - 10 % off on any drink (except alcohol) at Red Rocket Coffee (only at Danforth branch) - 10% off at Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen - 10 % off at Rendez Vous (etiopian restaurant) - 10% off at Batifole (french restaurant) - 10% off at Ha Gow (dim sum restaurant) - 10 % off at Mekkah (indian & pakistani restaurant) *How do you get the LucSculpture membership card? If you are taking class at LucSculpture or a member of LucSculpture, you can get the LucSculpture Membership Card for Free. ------------------------------ 06 LS Teruo Sept30 (1)For members: please see the appropriate calendar Terms and Conditions: *An introductory of 2 hours for $20 for beginner new member of the clay Sculpture studio is applicable. *The teaching on the wheel  at $20 an hour for new member of the pottery studio is applicable. *The membership excludes teaching by instructors, clay, firing, glazing, wax patina, and tax *Booking on the wheel is a necessity. *Always check the schedule for availability of the pottery and clay sculpture studios *Clean thoroughly after yourself and put things back in order *Respect others as you respect yourself Welcome to LucSculpture! Click Here to become a member!