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Clay Sculpture A to Z

Learn the Techniques in Clay Sculpture from the very basics to the advance!

LS Hollowing 34Tuesdays 6:00 pm -  9:00 pm

Instructor: Luc Bihan (owner, guide and artist) Winter session: January 19 to March 8 Cost: $395 for 8 weeks session  Spring session: March 22 to May 3 Summer session: May 10 to June 21 Cost: $345 for 7 weeks session Includes: Clay, firings, patina or glaze Drop in: $40 per 3 hrs session Extra studio time: $10 per hour (off instruction during the week) LucSculpture Member: 50% discount on the course Click Here to Register 11-06 LucThis course offers: -Feedback on a realistic bust or figure sculpture -To show techniques on how to hollow clay figure sculpture -To show the coiling techniques to build big and fast: -To show techniques on using plaster molds -Burnishing a leather hard clay -Wax and natural oil patina This open studio is adequate for figure sculpture, realistic bust, water fountain and water cooler, water filter, Udu drums or skin drums,  abstract and free form or realism. Throughout this course, you will learn the techniques applied to working with clay sculpture and learn how to look at the volume, proportions, and rhythms using a practical approach or anatomical references. You will also enhancing your creativity and sensitivity to the natural minerals of clay. This course is suitable for beginners, advance sculptors, professional animators, students for their portfolio work, and artists practicing with realism. T01 AL1 & LucLuc Bihan is the owner and guide of LucSculpture School & Studios created in 2006. He started its studies at San Francisco City College in 1982 and at San Francisco Art Institute until 1985. Luc continue working clay in the studios of l'ADAC in Paris with different guidance while working in animation until 1999. During that period, he travel to many countries exploring various clay set up in Asia, Africa, and East Europe. He came to Toronto as a director of animation and work for two years at Nelvana. In 2001, Luc became a full time clay sculptor and instructor. Recently, he is interested in the healing qualities and the sounds frequencies of clay. Luc is part of personal Collections in the US, France, Canada, Dubai, Italy, Japan and a few more.