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Wax and natural oil Patina

Pianist 2 Why do we need Wax Patina? Once bisque fired, your clay sculpture will need an appropriate patina to complete its dimension and expression of emotion. Clay is porous at the bisque-fired stage, so to protect it from damage, it is recommended to use wax patina. Throughout his 30 years of experiences and experiments, Luc is finally satisfied to complete his clay sculptures with wax patinas. Here are some reasons for using wax patina:
  • With wax patina, you are working with raw natural materials with little processing which are less toxic and ecologically friendly.
  • Compare to ceramic glaze, wax patina is relatively simple and easy to achieve the results you wish.
  • Unlike acrilic paint, which is made of plastic, wax patina does not seal completely, thus the clay can still breath.
  • Also most importantly, we are able to sense the energy of clay in the finished work.
Enjoy the process of experimenting and playing for the result that is visually and sensually pleasing and appealing to you. Instructor: Luc Bihan Click Here to Register