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On Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 pmStudent work "Dip your hands in natural clay in a fun Sunday afternoon of socializing with friends and unleashing your inner muse. Perfect for beginners and masters alike, this casual and social experience will have you joining other like-minded people in an authentic sculpture studio, where you'll following the step-by-step instructions of a local artist from "blank canvas" to masterpiece. There are a lot of clay samples to choose from, so you'll only be pleasantly surprised when it comes time to create your original piece of art. The relaxed studio setting and informal instructional style will give you lots of time to experiment and produce great take-home pieces. If you read this far... Follow your heart and do something that feeds your soul! You will grow older and happier. Cost via Paypal: $20 for 2 hour studio time, including the cost of clay, and firing. For glazing and/ or painting is $5 more. I look forward seeing you!" Aurora FilipescuBio Aurora Filipescu I like to call myself a self-taught Canadian – American artist whose passion for ceramics is driven by an inexplicable urge to connect with the nature, the animals and the earth. The process of creation fills my heart with peace and gratitude as I feel eternally thankful for the dishes I design and use around my home. I am grateful for the food I am eating very day as well as the cups, and plates, and bowls, knowing that someone, perhaps an artist, put his heart into making them beautiful pieces of art. After I moved to Toronto from Los Angeles in 2013 I found myself in a place of exploration of my artistic being wanting to create but not being quite sure what; I joined a sculpture studio in town where I volunteer my hours and created ceramics and sculpture in between. I decided to leave the painting behind feeling somehow disappointed of the challenging journey I had to follow as a fine artist. During my 9 years stay in Los Angeles, I dedicated my time painting in oil and water color but mostly using acrylic as a medium. The result was touching even to the self critic living inside of me. So, I continued to develop my skills and listen to my inspiration while oscillating between abstract and portraiture painting. Sometimes I was reluctant to give a title to my paintings. In those moments I believe that art is an intimate experience that the viewer may want to experience on his or her own before sharing it with others. In 2011 I attended an artist workshop in Montana where I deepened my understanding of light and value in plain-air landscape art. Website: