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Art Gallery Toronto East end Danforth

LucSculpture Gallery focus on personal creativity "Showing inner emotion and true feelings is part of the growing process of an artist" LucSculpture Gallery welcome all free spirit. An open minded attitude is a must! We try to be as ecologically friendly as possible depending of the goal and purpose of each exhibition. Recycling and reusing is part of the philosophy of LucSculpture "Respect Mother Earth and she will respect you"

The Gallery

LucSculpture gallery is a bright and spacious 650 square feet (23' x 28') including a washroom and a kitchenette. The gallery can welcome up to 70 people at one time. All walls are white, hardwood floor, and directional spotlights with dimmers. It can welcome 10 to 12 big size paintings or 30 + smaller size paintings. Sculptures display will depend of spacing and the size of the artwork.

LucSculpture will help you set up your show with the framing*, setting, stands, decoration and music.

Invitation and Flyer: LucSculpture can make the invitation of your show. JPEGs of the artwork and information will be needed. Colour and B&W prints available upon your request.

Artist statement, resume and label: An artist statement and a resume is welcome (do not forget to add your name and contact information). At LucSculpture we use a preset template for the labels. The label includes: the title of the artwork (date of creation is optional); the size in inches (length x depth x height); the medium and support; the selling price (20% of this price is charged as a commission).

Catering: LucSculpture will provide glasses, plates, cutlery, trays and oven (no plastic, please).

Photographer is Available

Advertising: LucSculpture will advertise your show through its own network of +2500 (mailing list), website and social media.

- Mentions will be made in LucSculpture flyers and schedules.

- LucSculpture can provide you resources to do additional advertising.


Two weeks to a month show: The show starts on the Tuesday of the first week till the last Sunday of the show. Drop-in artwork on Sunday or Tuesday prior the opening date. Set up on the first Tuesday morning and afternoon. Pick up of the artwork on Tuesday of the last date of the show. Opening is either on Thursday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm or Saturday afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm. Opening dates at LucSculpture Gallery are upon the schedule availability. Labeling is both on the back of the artwork and on the wall with sticker.

Fees and cost: for 2 weeks show are in April, May, June, October and November: $400. For 1 month show in January, February, March, July and August: $600. The fee includes juice, tea, and casual finger food (veges with dips and fruits trays) for the opening.

Deposit and cancellation policy: 1/2 of the fee is due 1 month before the show to LucSculpture (not refundable). The remaining is due on the first day of the show.

Commission: Commission of 20% applies to all sales of artwork (please consider the commission fee in your prices).

LucSculpture gallery has multi functions: we run classes for kids and adults, workshops and events all week long. Your art will be seen by a great variety of potential buyers.

LucSculpture access: we are located on an artsy, convenient and multicultural neighborhood of Greenwood and Danforth. TTC: 2 min walk from Greenwood subway station.