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School Field Trips

LucScupture School and Studios is an official TDSB field trip destination since February 14-01 PA Day (2)2008 What we offer: LucSculpture offers clay workshops and a variety of projects with a wide palette of materials and creative approaches. Bring a class for an open studio session or an instructor-led class.  In addition, we can come to your school to have workshops in your class room! Most of classes are available in both English and French. Some of our suggestions: Clay Workshops  with Luc Bihan (Fr): - Animal masks -Father day Sun - Your favorite animal on your mug - Fantasy creatures: Fairies, Dragons and Angels - Medieval castle - Native Igloo, Tipi and straw clay house - Clay musical instrument: Shaker, Udu drum (few weeks) - Bas-relief seasonal landscape - Bust and potraiture Painting and Drawing Workshops: - Sumi-E (Japanese Brush painting) with Hiroshi Yamamoto  -Create a collage of Mother Nature (great project for the earth day) - Inspired project from well known artist’s work - Soft Pastel portrait with Gary Smith - Watercolour with Andrew Sookrah - Figure Drawing with Kathryn Chelin - Eco Foot Print with Iven Simonetti -Theatre with Mario Lourenco -Drumming circle with Shara Claire -Persian Art with Moojan Namzi Classes can be modified to fit a specific curriculum or theme and are the perfect creative addition for any school subject.  Speak to us to design a workshop to fit your needs. Duration: One session is 1.5 hours in length. We can also accommodate one semester worth of classes. Choose the dates and times, that suit your schedule, and we will let you know about availability. Typical class sizes are around 20-25 students.  We can accommodate groups up to 30 students. Contact us for more information. Costs of your Field Trip (includes all material costs) $12.00 per student + HST per session Discount on booking two or more sessions:  $10 per student + taxes per session Additional $3 per student + taxes if we are visiting your school. Contact us for More Information or call us at (416) 461-7936
Two key philosophies of LucSculpture School and Studios:
  1. Personal creativity: We encourage students to develop and express their personal creativity.
  2. Environmentally Conscious: We use natural and non-toxic materials for our creations and environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the building.
Schools that came to LucSculpture or LucSculpture went to their school: RG McGregor PS, Wilkinson PS, Newcomer Services for Youth, ICS (Institute Of Child Study), DaVinci Alternative School, Withrow P.S., Jackman P.S., Ecole élémentaire La Mosaïque Fr, Le petit chaperon Rouge (Queendale) Fr, Earl Haig P.S., RG McGregor, Cosburn P.S., Um Al Qura Islamic School, Ecole Georges Etienne Cartier Fr, St Augustin , Gabriel Roy Fr, Adam Beck PS, Childspace daycare, Bruce PS, Earl Beatty PS, Dike of Connaugh PS, Newcommer Chesswood, Claremount Fr,...