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TBA: Colour Mixing & Brush Handling

Colour Mixing and Brush Handling for the Painter Instructor Roberto Rosenman Teaches: Realistic painting 1 & 2 Date TBA: On Saturday from 9:30 am to 3 pm Fee: $100 + taxes In this workshop, we will focus on the technical side of creating a painting. Primarily, we will use colour theory to learn how to mix any colour on your palette. Students will learn how to identify hue, value and chroma when painting and avoid some of the pitfalls of painting like creating ‘mud’ on your palette. In addition, we will examine the different pigments, understanding where they fall on the colour wheel and how and when to properly use them. Students will also learn proper brush handling and techniques including how to create blends, hard and soft edges, glazes, and impasto techniques. Lastly, we will look closely at the materials of painting- understanding the different types and uses of brushes, mediums, varnishes and painting surfaces. Suited for both oil and acrylics, students will gain useful knowledge that can be applied to both representational and abstract forms of painting. robertoBio: Roberto Rosenman  studied  at York University and with Tony Curanaj and Gregory Mortenson at the Grand Central Academy in New York.  He switches between still life and portraiture, always incorporating strong symbolism and narrative in his work. He lives in Toronto and teaches Art and Design. - Graphic Design