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Classical Realism Painting

Classical Realism Painting

Realistic Painting by Roberto Rosenman

Learn Classical Realism Painting in oil like the old masters and classical atelier! This class is both for beginner and intermediate. On Wednesdays evening from 6:30 – 9:30 pm
  1. Fall session: September 23 to November 25 2015
  2. Spring session: April 6 to June 8 2016
Fee:   $320 for 10 weeks + 13% taxes Payment is refundable up to one week prior to commencement of classes.

Classical Realism Painting for Beginners:

These classes focus on Classical Realism Painting using methods of the Old masters and the Classical Atelier.

Learning Classical Realism Technique

You will learn how to create a classical realistic painting using various techniques. You will be given demonstrations on preparing a canvas and creating composition. You will also learn valuable knowledge on mixing colours and dealing with light and shadow. Come and will learn important skills that can be applied to a variety of art work.

Class Outcomes: -Know how to create and transfer a drawing for realistic painting -Complete a classical realistic painting with a limited warm and cool palette. -Complete a classical realistic painting in full colour.

Classic Realism Atelier TorontoClassical Realism Painting for Intermediates:

You will have the opportunity to refine the skills and techniques learned thus far in this class. You will paint your own painting from a still life set-up or photo and teacher will give you an indivisual feedback. Some of the topics covered will be composition, trompe l'oeil, colour strings, various underpainting techniques (ébauche), edge control, and more advanced glazing/scumbling techniques.

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Instructor: Roberto Rosenman was born in Venezuela and moved to Canada at an early ageRealism Classic Painting where he studied drawing and painting at The Ontario College of Art and Design and York University. He focuses both on realistic still life and classical portraiture, always incorporating strong symbolism and narrative in his work. Roberto teaches drawing at George Brown College and exhibits regularly around Toronto. Learn the classical realism painting at LucSculpture! We also offer classes and workshops for beginners and advanced near Danforth, Beaches, and East York in Toronto.