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Unlock your painting style

Learn the secret of how to unlock your painting style from awarded artist, Gary Smith! Monday afternoon 1 to 4 pm & Monday evening 6:30 to 9:30 pm Winter Session: January 18 to March 7 (no class on Family day Feb.15). Fee:  $295 for 7 weeks + 13% taxes Spring Session: March 21 to May 2 (no class on Easter March 28). Fee:  $250 for 6 weeks + 13% taxes Summer session: May 9 to June 20 (no class on Victoria day May 23). Fee:  $250 for 6 weeks + 13% taxes Maximum of 12 students per class Register with Gary at  416-910-5535   or click here The class is very positive and friendly and all students learn a lot very easily as long as they are willing to experiment and try out the concepts. Each class includes a lesson and then each student works on her/his own painting at his/her own level, in either acrylics or oils and Gary circulates coaching each individually.  All are most welcome including Beginners! Gary’s classroom is a safe place to experiment and try exercises that bring awareness of visual concepts. You will be delighted with the experience. Your goal(s): Philosophy (positive/safe/introductory/experimental/demos/questions welcome) Rules & Homework (courage/remember a sight/come to class knowing what you want to paint) Tools, Uses & Techniques: Brushes, palette knives, rags/sponges/hands/etc., supports, paints, media

Instructor: Gary Smith

BA in Fine Art, Teacher Degree and Art Supervisor Certificate. An artist and art coach who is a graduate from The Faculty of Art, Guelph University and teaches Drawing and Painting at LucSculpture, does murals and portraits and exhibits frequently. His work is carried by Libby Gallery in Toronto and Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton. Gary also founded CLUB DRAW for Life Drawing which is offered at LucSculpture on Sundays. He also offers unique “Escape with Gary Art Workshop here in Canada and abroad.