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Introductory Health & Fitness Qi-Gong

The Path of Movement, Meditation and Strength for All Ages TBA pei-fang-210x300Instructor: Pei Fang Tsai (certified Qi?Gong Instructor) QiGong has been used for many years to strengthen and heal the body and mind, and balance the emotions. Qi?Gong is easy to do, to remember and to master, so you can learn and apply it in your dairy practice right away. In this Introductory Health and Fitness Qi?Gong, you will learn about the basics of focused breathing, body postures, movements, meditation, and visualization techniques to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Join us to awaken your consciousness and develop self?healing abilities! What you can expect from this Qi?Gong workshop? • Reduced stress, feeling Calm and Relaxed • Increased Energy • Increased joint flexibility • Relief of pain • Increased immunity  Location: Yuri’s Village Naturopathic Cliniclogo_small Address: 663 Greenwood Ave. Toronto, ON. M4J 4B3 Contact to register: 416?466?5773 or